What is ARTS BKK?
ARTS BKK is a place for everyone who loves arts, we have so many different best style of arts for you to looking for as well as the convenience and secure system for you to buy the one that hit and suitable for you. We are confident that with our professional management team that we have, we would ensure and guarantee that every piece of art from us will deliver to you with the best quality.

What are the objectives of ARTS BKK?
ARTS BKK has establish with the powerful vision to be like a middle man to connect so many great artist and their best art works with people who has art in their heart. ARTS BKK will be a center for everyone who interested in art to visit for looking and if they like some, they can easily buy within our secure system. In other words, we are also wanted to be a distribution channel for an artist in order to help them reach a potential customer and generate good income, so that they will create more arts for us in the future. Last but not least, we believe that if we can accomplish in our goal, this would be a good inspiration for the next generation to become an artist.

Does ARTS BKK have a shop or distribution channel for customer to see?
We currently have 4 online channels which are Website, Facebook page, @Line and Instagram.